Residence permit

Visa and residence permit ? With AAGS SA, welcome to Switzerland.

Switzerland has always been able to protect the interests of businessmen and their assets. It offers wealthy foreigners an upscale living environment and attractive tax advantages. This is particularly the case in the cantons of Vaud and Valais. This is why many entrepreneurs choose to settle there.

AAGS SA takes care of your installation formalities

Are you moving to Switzerland? You will need a visa or a residence permit. These are precise and complex administrative processes. To simplify your installation, you can entrust these tasks to the staff of AAGS SA, who will take care of them for you and your family, in complete security. And you will save a lot of time. Indeed, many factors are taken into consideration when determining the documents you need and the authority to which your application must be submitted. For example, while the visa application can be submitted to the Swiss representation in the country of origin, the application for a residence permit must be submitted to the competent cantonal authorities. Another complexity: the type of visa and residence permit you and your family will need, as well as the documents required by the authorities, depend on the purpose of your stay: gainful employment, study, or family reunification.

AAGS SA saves you time

As you can see, the formalities are delicate. To avoid any risk of error and loss of time, the AAGS SA team carries out the administrative procedures for you. It is fast, efficient and very experienced. You can trust them with your file.