School enrolment

School registration: AAGS SA opens the way to school

You are an entrepreneur and you are moving to Switzerland with your family. Your children have to go to school, and your moving date in Switzerland does not necessarily correspond to the back-to-school calendar. Don’t worry: AAGS SA is here to help you save precious time when it comes to your children’s school registrations. How can we help you?

Find the best establishments

On the one hand, AAGS SA knows perfectly well the best national and international schools available on the Swiss territory.

The Swiss school system, in brief – In Vaud and Valais, the high quality education system includes two years of kindergarten and six years of elementary school. This is followed by an orientation cycle, which lasts three years unless the student has obtained the necessary grades to enter middle school at the end of the second year. The completion of the orientation cycle marks the end of compulsory schooling, at which point the student can choose between three options: vocational training (apprenticeship), general education or college. There are many universities in Switzerland, some of which are internationally renowned. The cantons of Vaud and Valais offer a wide range of tertiary education programs: Business Information Systems, Business Administration, Design and Visual Arts, Music and Performing Arts, Tourism, Industrial Systems, Life Sciences, Nursing, Health, Engineering and Architecture. University training and research institutes or distance learning institutes complete a wide range of schools and universities.

Choose wisely

On the other hand, AAGS SA consultants will help you choose the right schools for your children. A good school integration contributes greatly to the success of the relocation of an entrepreneur and his family. This is why the firm’s experts strongly integrate the human factor in their analysis and selection process.

Realize the registrations

Finally, AAGS SA quickly and efficiently prepares the administrative files necessary for the admission of your children to these schools or universities. You are thus relieved of all time-consuming formalities. All AAGS SA services are flexible and tailor-made. You ask; AAGS SA makes it happen.