Vehicle registration

AAGS SA: the fast track for your registrations

You are moving to Switzerland: congratulations and welcome! If you wish to import your vehicles, think of re-registering them. Indeed, for a durable installation in Switzerland, it is compulsory. How to do it? The easiest way is to delegate this purely administrative task, without any added value for you, to AAGS SA. Our Family Office employees know the rules and regulations in force on the tips of their fingers and will help you avoid any disappointment on Swiss soil.

Advice and regulatory procedures

New or vintage cars, boats, airplanes, helicopters, in your own name or as a company: the staff of AAGS SA will advise you or take care of the complete procedure and the payment of duties and taxes to the relevant authorities. They can also ensure the transport of your vehicles to your new Swiss address.

The best way to re-register

With AAGS SA, you save precious time, you avoid any risk of violating Swiss regulations, and you simplify your installation in Switzerland.